Load Director

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Downstream Device Load Monitoring

Load Estimate Based On Rules2
Load From Polling3
Load From Intelligent Agent

Downstream Device Status Monitoring

Status From Channel Signalling / Connection
Status From Polling3
Status From Intelligent Agent

Call Direction

Using Load Monitoring
Using Status Monitoring
Using Predefined Algorithms4
Using User Defined Algorithms5
Using Target Trunk Rules6
Using Target Group Rules7

Advanced Features

Header Rewriting
Event Handlers
Anti-Fraud / Anti-Hack Compatability9
Endpoint High Availability
LoDi Clustering8

Management Interface

Web interface
Telnet interface
Signal interface
Socket interface
REST interface
Nagios & Icinga support

E-Mail Alerts

On target trunk availability change
On target trunk/group capacity limit reached
On OS status signal

Call Handling Capacity

Unlimited simultaneous calls10

3 calls

Varies by license

Varies by model

Support 10

Support forums 11

Max 3 incidents per year

Max 5 incidents per year

Varies by make

Remote Access/SSH

Max 5 incidents per year

Varies by make




$500 /line


OEM specific

Optional maintenance agreement13


15% /year

$1275 /year

OEM specific


The following notes apply to the table:

  1. OEM edition pricing/features varies by manufacturer/make and model.
  2. Based on user created rules or historical data.
  3. Requires PBX/device API access.
  4. Includes round robin, waterfall, count equalization, fractional capacity equalization, lowest count, lowest fraction capacity.
  5. Includes rules in rule builder format, or event handler responses.
  6. Rules relating to target trunk and associated calculations.
  7. Rules relating to target group (within trunk) and associated calculations.
  8. Licensed seperately.
  9. Compatability with SecData product.
  10. Support is only available while a maintenance agreement is in place. Incidents are pooled across mediums.
  11. Telium monitors and responds to support forum requests on a best effort basis.
  12. Costs are presented in US dollars.
  13. Maintenance agreements allow you to upgrade to the latest software. Initial purchase comes with a 3 month maintenance agreement.