High Availability for FreeSWITCH

Create a high availability PBX or SIP Service




High Availability for FreeSWITCH™ (HAfs™) is a software package which creates a high-availability cluster out of any pair of FreeSWITCH® servers. HAfs can detect a range of failures on one FreeSWITCH server and automatically transfer control to the other, resulting in a telephony service with minimal down time.  HAfs can also transparently move calls in progress, so callers won’t notice the transition (no dead audio, no frozen video).

HAfs is a 100% software solution, with switch over in seconds. Built-in intelligent network control allows for a single IP address to be shared between peers, so clients/phones automatically connect to the active FreeSWITCH server without change. Built-in replication and synchronization between servers also reduces maintenance and support activities.

HAfs includes a wide range of sensors to detect failure/degradation of a node, its hardware, the network, the connection to carriers, etc. The sensors contribute to an overall health score which allows HAfs to automatically take corrective action, notify an administrator, or worst case start an orderly transition to the standby node.

HAfs is an easy to use solution, with shell (command line), telnet, socket, and web interfaces, suitable for beginners and experts alike. HAfs is ideal for demanding telephony environments like call centers, emergency 911 operations, medical facilities, ITSP’s, and mid-to-large size businesses, as well as small-businesses looking for high PBX uptime using low-cost off the shelf components.  HAfs is also ideal for integrators that build on the FreeSWITCH engine, as HAfs can be extended to monitor health of any related product functionality and provide an API to any functionality needed.

HAfs does not require any other High Availability/heartbeat software, nor require use of shared disk/block level device/network share etc. In fact, HAfs does not share any hardware / logical device between peers, so there is no single point of failure.  HAfs is the only high availability solution with no single point of failure; nothing is shared on, in front of, or behind the cluster nodes.