Load Director

Maximize your return on telephony assets




Protect Revenue and Operations During Local Failures

Ensure call center / critical staff are accessible and productive even in the face of localized outages (power, phone, network, etc).  LoDi ensures calls are being directed to locations where equipment is operational and staff are ready and available to receive calls.  With LoDi, operations can continue and revenue can flow through the call center.

Maximize Return on Telephony Assets

Multiple call centers rarely have identical PBX’s with identical capacity across all locations, and never have the same number of calls in use across locations. LoDi ensures each call center is running at optimal capacity to maximize return on telephony assets. As well, with automatic redirection of calls in the event of downstream device failure, LoDi allows for PBX / device maintenance during business hours (without shutting down all phone service) to help reduce overall maintenance costs.

Extend Legacy Equipment Lifespan

Old equipment may still be functional but changes in telephony technology have made its connectivity obsolete.  Alternatively, call volume may have outstripped the capacity of an old PBX which cannot be upgraded.   LoDi can act as a technology gateway extending the life of old equipment, while also allowing the addition of multiple PBX’s to handle increased load thereby keeping old equipment in service.