Generation T

The most powerful in-vehicle IoT platform




Generation T™ is an in-vehicle computing platform for integrating vehicle data with your call-center, or for turning a vehicle into an active Internet of Things (IoT) participant.  The computing platform can be hidden out of the way and run quietly in the background, or drive displays and more on the dashboard.

As a generic computing platform, a Generation T device is a 64-bit Intel x86 computer running Linux.  The computer includes sufficient computing power, memory and storage to perform virtually any task required of an embedded device.  The computer offers WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular radios for connecting to the outside world.

As an intelligent vehicle controller, a Generation T device can interface with vehicle electronics using Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus).  Generation T devices can send and receive packets on the CAN bus to listen for data, command modules to perform actions, and more.  Telium includes a comprehensive C/C++ library for interfacing with the CAN bus, so creating sophisticated solutions is as easy as a few lines of code.  Sample applications include monitoring fire truck locations and tank capacities, tracking commercial fleet vehicles and disabling them outside of approved runs, or sending all engine and occupant data to a call center for optimal roadside assistance from a live agent.

The Generation T platform is designed to be permanently mounted in-vehicle, and includes quick release plugs for all electrical connections.  The device consumes little power allowing it to run 24/7, or it can be switched on/off with ignition/RAP power.

Note that Generation T is a reference platform which is customized to meet the needs of every customer, including addition of relays, switches, A/D converters, radios, and more.