From advice to turnkey solutions


Custom VoIP Software Development

Extend Or Create Entirely New VoIP Functionality

Telium engineers offer many years of experience developing on the Asterisk and FreeSWITCH platforms, as well as pure SIP switching engines, to create unique VoIP functionality.  Our engineers have created mission-critical VoIP switching solutions, large-scale SIP environments to augment customer products, carrier solutions, and more.   Projects involving large, complex, and resilient telephony environments are where Telium really shines.

Critical VoIP System Design, Development, and Implementation

Create Solutions Suited to Mission Critical Operations

Telium engineers have designed, developed, and integrated solutions for hospitals, emergency services, high-volume call centers, and more. When a telephony outage can be measured in thousands of dollars per minute or lives lost, the solution must be designed from the ground up for high availability, security, features, and performance.

Vehicle-To-Call-Center Solutions Development

Integrate Vehicle Systems With the PBX and Agent Screens

Telium engineers offer expertise in integrating in-vehicle systems (including CAN bus, telematics, and OEM API’s) with call center technologies. We have integrated vehicle systems for OEM’s, fleets, and national roadside assistance providers, and can do the same for you. Whether you need constant vehicle monitoring, VoIP audio/video on-demand, or just agent popups with critical vehicle and location information, we can help.

VoIP Security Audit and Hardening

Prevent or Respond To Fraud and Hacking Events

Allow Telium engineers to assess the security of your telephony environment to mitigate the risk of fraud and hacking, or to respond to a recent incident or even one still underway. Telium can identify, prioritize, and implement best practices from the carrier connection to the phone set on the desk, minimizing the financial impact and business disruption of an attack.

Tier 1 and 2 Support

Provide 24/7 Support To Your Organization

Telium offers 24/7 support to ensure call-centers stay active and telephony environments remain online. Our engineers can serve as the first tier of support to diagnose and correct telephony / connectivity related issues, or serve as an expert for your staff to turn to when the problems are too large or too complex. Telium can design a custom support agreement to meet your unique needs (including services in English, French, German, and Spanish).