Partner Program

Original Equipment Manufacturer





Telium’s OEM partner program offers original equipment manufacturers access to the industry’s premium High Availability for Asterisk (HAAst), Asterisk farm synchronization (PBXSync), Security for Asterisk (SecAst), and Security Data (SecData) solutions at discounted prices. The flexible program adjusts to the needs of each partner, increasing the value of the OEM’s product offerings and maximizing OEM margins.



  • Telium product customization for compatibility and new features

  • Discounted Telium professional services to assist with product design and implementation

  • Product co-branding and rebranding opportunities

  • Ability to generate own licenses

  • Customer inventory of USB dongles and licenses


  • Price discounts based on purchase volumes

  • New partner product offerings

  • Higher value partner products by incorporating Telium products


  • Confirmed identity as an OEM
  • Minimum order quantity of 100 Commercial Unlimited or equivalent licenses

Sign-Up Today

To join the OEM partner program please contact Telium by e-mail or using the contact menu item above. Please note that in order to avoid competing with its VAR’s and distributors, Telium does not allow consumers/end-users to sign up for partner programs and strictly enforces minimum order quantities of these programs.