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If you need to create a highly available SIP PBX but you are not locked into Asterisk, then we recommend you look at our HAfs product. High Availability for FreeSWITCH (HAfs) offers call continuity in the Unlimited edition; unlike an OEM edition, this edition has no minimum volume requirements. You can use our HAfs product and get full call continuity, with no down time.  You can learn more about HAfs at https://telium.io/hafs

If you are not looking for a PBX, but rather looking to add highly available VoIP switching to an existing product, we invite you to consider our High Availability Switch Module (HAsm).  You can learn more about HAsm at https://telium.io/hasm   Please note that HAsm is designed for larger and more complex projects; if you have a low budget project then HAsm is not suitable.