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Preguntas frecuentes

A honeypot is a computer system that is set up to act as a decoy to lure hackers and fraudsters, and to detect and study attempts to gain unauthorized access to a telephony environment. In the context of SecData, the honeypots are 15 PBX's (as of Jan 2017) deployed worldwide to capture information about hackers, how they are attacking PBX's, phone numbers used in fraud, etc.
No. Due to account setup overhead and to prevent data scraping, we do not offer a free trial. However, since the SecAst product includes a 'small' level SecData subscription, purchasing SecAst is an ideal way to test the SecData service at minimal cost.
If you look at your PBX logs, you should be able to determine how many incoming phone calls you receive per day. Look at the highest number of incoming calls per day over the past 6 months and this should be indicative of how many fraud queries you will conduct per day. Add 50% to this value (to create a safety margin) and use this new value for the number of fraud or hacker database queries per day. Depending on how you plan to use the hacker and fraud databases, you can adjust the number of queries accordingly.
Yes. When you set up your SecData account, you can authorize multiple IP addresses; add one for each server (assuming they have different external IP addresses). Aside from that, SecData will not be affected by clustering software.
Maybe. Telium carefully manages contributors to the raw databases based on confidence that the contributor is accurately identifying hackers/fraudsters. If you would like to contribute data to SecData please contact support for further assistance.
SecData is hosted on large commercial servers with SSD disks, so processing speed is negligible. However, network speed and latency will depend on the path from your servers to the nearest SecData server. (You will always be routed to the nearest available SecData server). Telium cannot control the network speed/latency between your servers and the cloud, but even slow connections should result in sub 3 second blocking of hacking/fraud attempts.
Yes. Assistance integrating SecData into your environment is not included with the access fees; however, we would be pleased to provide a quote for performing the installation and setup for you. Please contact Telium support for a detailed quote.
Yes. Since SecData uses a REST API, the interface is not affected by your version of Linux (or Windows).
Maybe, depending on how you want to use the SecData service and how experienced you are as an administrator. If you are only using SecData with Asterisk, then we recommend purchasing the SecAst product instead as it includes access to SecData and comes pre-configured to work with Asterisk. If you are using SecData with your provisioning servers, web servers, etc. then integration success depends completely on your administrator (and perhaps coding) skills. If in doubt, we recommend purchasing installation assistance (available hourly) for Telium to assist you or perform the entire installation for you.
Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time. Our support hours mirror our business hours, but 24/7 support is available on a contract basis (priced based on the systems under contract). Our support representatives will respond to support requests, product information requests, and licensing requests outside of business hours on a best effort basis. Support is not available during statutory holidays or periods of company shutdown, with the exception of contracted 24/7 support.
Yes! Sometimes your needs are just a bit outside the core functionality of SecData, and the API offered by SecData doesn't meet your needs. We would be happy to quote a change to SecData to customize it to your needs.
Yes. SecData is compatible with almost all Asterisk® based PBX programs (through the SecAst application). If you are using a different PBX, then we are confident that we can make it work - just contact Telium support for assistance.
Yes. Based on experience, we offer a discount once you've shown that you actually resell our product. Please contact Telium support for more information.
Yes. Licenses are transferable between individuals or corporations, and also between devices (based on IP addresses).
Yes. You can always add more queries to an existing SecData account. Just contact Telium support and we'll increase the daily query limit to whatever you need.
For direct and immediate support you can purchase professional services (support) by the hour from the BUY tab above.

Alternatively you can look for support on the Telium forums. Telium technical support representatives regularly monitor our forums and will try to respond to unanswered questions on a best effort basis.
SecData is a contraction of Security Databases, and the first syllable rhymes with "Tech".
SecData is targeted at commercial PBX installations that require protection from hacking/fraud, and the resultant large phone bills / recovery costs. As well, SecData is targeted at ITSP's and carriers looking to limit fraud and hacking to protect their partner accounts, and minimize the disruption to call quality and operations during attacks.
Yes. SecData is fully compatible with cloud based PBX's. Just ensure that your cloud based PBX has a static external IP address since your SecData account is tied to your IP address.
We have three types of distributor/partnership programs. The first is a reseller program which includes discounted products, additional support, training, etc. The second is an ODM/whitelabel program for device manufacturers to include our high availability, security, and telematics software with their devices. The third is a services alliance program where professional service companies can include the skills and capacity of our organization with their own when proposing / delivering services to clients. Minimum product volumes / service fees are a prerequisite for all programs. For further information please email/call.