KWLUG Presentation

KWLUG Presentation

Telium is proud to support the Kitchener-Waterloo Linux User Group (KWLUG) and to promote the adoption of Linux for business and personal use. As a thank you for attending Telium's presentation on security, we are offering a complimentary copy of our SecAst product to all attendees.

SecAst is Telium's premium security product protecting VoIP installations world wide. In order to receive your complimentary license, simply download and install SecAst from the Telium web page. When it's time to activate your software, email and you can request a license for any SecAst edition you like (including the Commercial Unlimited version valued at $2,350 USD).

The only limitation we impose is that the complimentary SecAst license be used in a non-commercial setting (and be limited to a maximum of 5 simultaneous calls). This offer expires June 9, 2018, so starting playing with Linux and Asterisk now!

Please note that SecAst is a sophisticated product which demands a level of Linux and VoIP expertise that some hobbiests may not have. We encourage you to experiment with Linux, Asterisk, VoIP, and SecAst but if you are new to these technologies then you might not be ready for this offer right now.

If you would like a copy of the presentation from this event please contact