Segurança para Asterisk

Escolha a edição certa para você





Intrusion/Fraud Detection

Registration credentials invalid
Dial credentials invalid
Dial pattern unacceptable
Dial cadence unusual
Channel volume suspicious
Calling line volume suspicious
Heuristic pattern recognition2
Geographic IP database3
Fraud phone number database4
Hacker IP address database4

Intrusion/Fraud Prevention

Trusted subnets and peers
Internal firewall (iptables) control
External firewall control
Event Handlers
Geofence rules

Management Interface & Compatibility

Telnet interface
Signal interface
Socket interface
REST interface
Nagios & Icinga support
Run in container/virtual machine


Alert e-mail on attack
Alert e-mail on threat level change
Status e-mail on signal5
Event Handlers

Call Handling Capacity

Unlimited simultaneous calls6

3 calls

Varies by license

Varies by license


Support forums8

Max 3 incidents per year

Max 5 incidents per year

Varies by license

Remote Access/SSH

Max 5 incidents per year

Varies by license

Lifetime License 9

One time cost


$134 /sc 10


OEM specific

Maintenance agreement cost (Optional) 11  

16% /year

$555 /year

OEM specific

Subscription License 12

Monthly fee  

$9 /sc /mo 10

$236 /mo

Maintenance agreement fee 13  




As seguintes notas se aplicam à tabela:

  1. OEM edition pricing/features varies by manufacturer/make and model.
  2. Heuristic analysis feature depends on number of patterns available at release time.
  3. Geofencing of IPv4 available at Continent/Country/Region/City level. Geofencing of IPv6 available at Continent/Country level.
  4. SecData 'small' plan is included for free while SecAst is covered by a maintenance agreement.
  5. Linux signal triggers sending of status report.
  6. Call volumes exceeding edition limits result in SecAst and Asterisk® shutdown.
  7. Support is only available while a maintenance agreement is in place. Incidents are pooled across mediums.
  8. Telium monitors and responds to support forum requests on a best effort basis.
  9. A lifetime license remains active forever without additional payments required.
  10. The Flex edition is licensed by the maximum number of simultaneous calls in progress, each simultaneous call is denoted as ("sc").
  11. The optional maintenance agreement is available in one year increments.
  12. A subscription license remains active while a monthly fee is paid.
  13. A maintenance agreement is included with a subscription license.