Sangoma FreePBX HA Module Unsupported




Users Report That Sangoma® Ends FreePBX® HA Support

Users have reported that on January 10th 2018 Sangoma announced that their HA module for FreePBX will not support FreePBX versions 14 and higher. The screenshot to the right was submitted by users on June 10th 2018. According to Sangoma’s web page, only users of FreePBX version 10 and older can continue to use their HA module. As well, according to their site users cannot upgrade to PJSIP as that is incompatible with Sangoma’s FreePBX HA module (users must remain on the older chan_sip).

Telium is pleased to support all versions of FreePBX, and support the use of PJSIP. Customers migrating to HAAst can look forward to an easy transition, rich functionality, extensive detection capabilities, new features, etc. as well as ongoing support.

FreePBX HA Module Discontinued