Security for Asterisk

Avoid fraudulent toll charges and PBX outages




Mitigate Fraud Costs

SECast can reduce carrier charges stemming from fraudulent use of illicit premium routes and services, and ensure carriers do not suspend real traffic due to exceeded credit limits. Hackers quickly rack up charges by connecting to premium routes and services (from your PBX) which directly or indirectly funnel money back to themselves.  SECast can stop such fraud in its tracks, and pay for itself in a single halted attack.

Prevent PBX Outages

SECast can prevent telephony outages due to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, moving-IP attacks (constantly changing), and other resource consuming attacks which can overwhelm the PBX and interfere with call quality, call bridging, and device registration.  By blocking attackers at the network edge the PBX can continue with normal operations even in the midst of an attack.

Avoid Embarrassing Disclosures

Legislation, corporate policies, and customer Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) may all demand disclosure of any system breach.  As PBX’s can contain confidential information and can be the vector for other fraud, they too may be subject to disclosure rules.  SECast can avoid embarrassing disclosures by preventing attacker entry to the PBX and unauthorized use of PBX resources.

Reduce PBX Administration Time

Blocking hackers on an attack-by-attack basis has become a whack-a-mole type exercise, consuming increasingly more administrator time as VoIP hacking escalates.  A large number of firewall rules also slows network traffic and creates latency (impacting voice quality).  SECast uses heuristics / behavioral rules, geographic fencing, and advanced detection techniques to automate detection and protection without the need for manual intervention.

Increase Call Capacity and Quality

VoIP attacks can cause significant spikes in traffic, which in turn degrade voice quality for legitimate users. By reducing or eliminating the frequency and magnitude of VoIP attacks administrators can increase the number of users per server, and improve voice quality for legitimate users.