Volume License Server

Making deployment at scale easy


Telium is pleased to offer customers a Volume License Server (VLS) option, which allows our various products to run activated on any platform without the need for a local USB dongle, cloud activation, or a hardware fingerprint.  The VLS product is popular with ITSP’s/telcos who run hundreds of clusters and need the ability to deploy new telephony services on short notice, and also popular with customers who run fewer products but cannot use USB dongles or hardware fingerprint activation and have no internet access.

A VLS must be activated using any of the technologies listed on our website.  Customers can run the VLS inside a virtual machine or natively on PC hardware.  Telium offers turnkey solutions as listed below; or, Telium may be able to install the VLS on hardware you provide (confirm your hardware compatibility first).  The VLS can be activated on most major brands of servers (eg: HP, Dell, IBM, etc.) using a hardware fingerprint, or on any physical/virtual server using a USB dongle.

The VLS is a product that must be purchased and installed separately.  Normally one VLS is placed in each data center/region which is deemed to be a self sufficient operating zone.  Please contact Telium for pricing information; note that pricing depends on the minimum and maximum number of licenses the VLS must serve and other features.

Photos above are representations of hardware typically deployed.  However, actual hardware will depend on availability from suppliers.