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    I’ve spent over 2 hours trying to install your product but your instructions are confusing and missing details! For example,

    • typing commands: You say to type commands like ‘cd’ but where do I type them? I see the wallpaper and desktop but no ‘run’ box or ‘cmd’ in the Linux menu
    • apt: What is this command and how do I know it is not erasing files on my system?
    • symlink: You say make a ‘symlink’ for a file but don’t say how.
    • subnets: You say not to ‘put interfaces on overlapping subnets’ but you don’t say what this means or how to even do what you are asking.

    You need to add a lot more details and explanations in your installation guide.

    Telium Support GroupTelium Support Group
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    We realize that some of our users are new to Linux, and that Asterisk may be the only reason they are working with Linux at all. Many long-time Windows admins have never used (or wanted to use) a command line and find the provided instructions frustrating and/or confusing.

    The problem is that we offer a very technical product (with deep integration into Asterisk and the operating system, etc), requiring a level of Linux expertise that some admins don’t have. If we offered detailed explanations for each Linux command, networking concept, operating system parameter, etc. our installation guide would be huge. Sadly this is not an option for us.

    If you are a commercial user we recommend purchasing installation assistance allowing our professional services group to perform the installation for/with you. We can offer a turnkey solution (from design through implementation) or just step in where you need help.

    If you are a home user you may be better off using a ‘built-in’ option provided by one of the many configuration generators out there. You will be losing a substantial number of features and capabilities, but at least you can install a ‘built-in’ option by clicking BUY/INSTALL on a GUI. Please note that HAAst, SecAst, and SecData are targeted at large and critical commercial call centers – not home office / small office environments (Telium products are on a different scale than ‘built-in’ products/modules). You are welcome to use Telium products in home office / small office environments but realize that it’s like using an 18-wheel truck instead of a bicycle. As a home user the bicycle may be a better fit.

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    Telium Support GroupTelium Support Group
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    Based on calls to our support team the number and nature of support requests relates directly to the level of Linux and Asterisk expertise of the administrator performing the installation. We would estimate the expertise of administrators who install our products as follows:
    Client expertise

    As a result approximately

    • 50% of our customers never call/email during installation; they perform the whole installation and we only hear from them when they need their license activation. (These are the Linux & Asterisk admins)
    • 20% of customers get stuck early in the installation and are confused by a lot of the technical steps.
    • 30% are somewhere in the middle, but most of those have issues/questions relating to networking, Linux commands, etc.. (These are people with a bit of Windows and Linux admin experience).

    The first group (50%) usually don’t need any support or additional professional services from Telium. The second group (20%) normally need us to perform the full installation (purchasing 4 hours of assistance typically). The third group (30%) sometimes use up their support incidents quickly, and we recommend purchasing 2-4 hours of support depending on the degree of assistance required.

    Note: Of the Windows Admin (30%) group above, a few admins get stuck early in the installation and get very frustrated with Linux, Asterisk, HAAst, or our support reps (but they refuse to purchase assistance as they are very confident in their abilities). We try very hard to assist every customer – but it’s not always possible for a Linux novice to install our products. (Please consider purchasing support assistance, or reevaluate your need for HA)

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