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Telium has certified hardware which allow users to plug USB dongles into a stand-alone device and connect to that device over the network. This allows USB dongles to be plugged into one device on the network and appear local to another device (physical computer/virtual machine/container).

CoolGear USB-NET-4A USB over IP hub
The USB-NET-4A is available directly from CoolGear here: https://www.coolgear.com/product/usb-2-0-over-ip-network-4-port-hub-share-any-usb-device-over-tcpip-network or from Telium. This device is suitable for small and simple networks, and provides a budget dongle over IP solution. This device supports up to 4 dongles.

4 Port USB over IP adapter

DongleServer from SEH Technology (** CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW, NOT YET CERTIFIED **)
The DongleServer Pro/Max is available from retailers and distributors worldwide. For more information visit https://www.seh-technology.com/products/usb-dongleserver.html. This device is suitable for up to 20 dongles (per DongleServer), and offers a greater number of management and control options.

20 Port USB Dongle over IP adapter

If any product is purchased from Telium then we include support for the device as described in FAQ 1075. If you chose to purchase the device elsewhere then we cannot answer any questions about the devices’ functionality, compatibility, drivers, etc. (Please direct those questions to your retailer of choice). If you would like Telium to support your device, including configuration, setup, connectivity to the guest, etc. when purchased elsewhere then you would have to purchase support from Telium as described in the above FAQ. Please ensure your design considers compatibility between all software/firmware/hardware in your project as Telium is not responsible for third party devices or vendors.

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