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Licensing is a three step process:

The first step is to request a license file after installation, which you can do by telnetting to the telephony server on port 3001 (for HAast/HAfs) or 3000 (for SecAst) and generate a license request file. For example:

telnet localhost 3001

HAAst telnet interface on ‘Ford Motor Company Lansing Call Center PBX’
license request
To create a license request, enter the information specified below. To abort
the request enter a . as the answer to any question.
Enter the name of your organization as it will appear in your license?
My Company
Enter a description for the local node (eg: pair 1 server B, or Texas,
or Rack 1 upper)?
Los Angeles Colocation
Virtual machine detected. Automatically selecting Commercial Unlimited
edition (Flex Edition not available in virtual machines).
What type of license activation would you like to use: USB dongle Cloud, or
Volume license server [U, C, V]? (Hardware Fingerprint option not available
in virtual machines. See http://telium.io/activation for more information)
The license request has been successfully completed and placed in file:
Send this file to support@telium.io to receive your license file

This will create a file called haast.licenserequest in your /usr/local/haast directory (or hafs.licenserequest, or secast.licenserequest in the associated directory).

Second, you need to send that file to support@telium.io and we will reply with a license file (and optionally send you a USB dongle if you chose that activation type).

Third and final step is to copy the license file we send you to your telephony server. If you chose USB Dongle activation then there is one extra step: plug in the dongle and issue the “license usbdongle” command and send the code on screen to support@telium.io We will reply shortly thereafter with the pairing code for the dongle.

When you are all done restart the HAast (or HAfs or SECast) service and you will see in the event log, or from the web GUI, or from the telnet interface, that the system is running as the commercial edition (whichever edition you purchased)