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A summary of common exit codes and their causes:

  • 255 – Likely a connection problem to the remote host. You should be able to resolve this by checking the IP address / fqdn of the remote host.
  • 107 – Protocol error or unexpected response. You may have to work with Telium support to trace the cause (if this is intermittent then diagnosing can require many steps)
  • 23 – Error during transfer. You should be able to resolve this by checking the file/directory being synced really exists on the source.
  • 10 – RSync server unreachable. You should check the ensure the RSync service is running on the remote host, and that the remote host is reachable.
  • 5 – RSync file permissions error. You should check to ensure rsync config files holding passwords are mode 600.

The HAAst installation guide provides guidance on how to enable debugging to capture more information. The specific settings, and location of log files, varies by HAAst version. If you need further help capturing and understanding debug information please contact Telium support (you will need an active maintenance agreement for the support team to assist you)