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At this time HAAst does not have this capability, but a feature request has already been submitted. However, if you are concerned about connectivity between the HAAst node and your SMTP server, or SMTP credentials, then we can help you diagnose this.

From the HAAst node perform the following steps:

  1. From a command prompt type “telnet hostname 25”. This connects telnet to port 25 on the server with the name or IP ‘hostname’. Replace ‘hostname’ with the name of the SMTP host you specified in your haast.conf file, and replace 25 with the port you specified in your haast.conf (in the [smtp] stanza)
  2. If the TCP connection fails, then you have confirmed a network/routing problem
  3. If the TCP connection is established, telnet responds with the message “Connected to SERVERNAME and Escape character is’ ^]’.”
  4. Now you can send an e-mail via SMTP protocol. You must use a recipient address for which the connected mail server is responsible (or the message will be refused/discarded)

    EHLO test.example.com
    RCPT TO:
    Subject: Testmessage from haast node 1
    (Blank line, press Enter again)
    This is an alert!
    (Blank line, press Enter again)

  5. The SMTP server should respond that your message has been accepted. Now wait at the receiving end for your message to appear.

The above assumes that the SMTP server does not require encrypted authentication. If you need help with encrypted SMTP authentication (or session) please contact support@telium.io for further details.