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The problem you are encountering has nothing to do with HAAst, and everything to do with the basics of networking. You have setup 2 NIC’s in each PC, but they are on the same subnet! That means that Linux has no idea where (out which NIC) to route traffic for your subnet. You should not do this as it confuses Linux. This topic is part of what’s known as “multihoming”, and I would suggest you research this topic a bit further before you continue to setup your networks. As well, reread the HAAst installation guide – there’s a bit more information on this topic there. (This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this issue in the support group).

By shutting down NIC1 on either PC you allow Linux to figure out how to properly route, but then your management NIC is gone so the cluster fails over.

The solution (for 2 NIC’s per PBX) is to ensure that each NIC is on it’s own subnet. For example:

Correct Implementation

Incorrect Implementation