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Distribution type 11 would be correct for your setup, so that’s not the problem. I would focus solely on ensuring HAAst can start your FreePBX instance properly. The problem could even be that FreePBX is starting but shutting down with an error code, or is getting severely delayed (see Sangoma notes on very slow FreePBX startup) causing HAAst to treat the startup as failed.

I would suggest you look at:

  1. Try to start/stop the FreePBX service using systemctl from the commandline. Does Asterisk start/stop properly with it?
  2. Confirm permissions on FreePBX and Asterisk resources, relative to who you are logged in as (and relative to root)
  3. Start FreePBX using the commands within the systemd service script directly to look for errors
  4. Look for FreePBX startup errors
  5. Look for severe FreePBX startup delays (and follow Sangoma wiki instructions on correcting very slow startup if necessary)