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You have a number of issues:

1. The following error in your event log indicates that HAAst is unable to successfully start Asterisk (and/or FreePBX services).

Fri Aug 10 06:47:42 2018, 00000721, E, System Command, Failed to start Asterisk (start) wrapper. Run result 3; exitcode 0

What have you set your ‘distribution’ key to in the [asterisk] stanza of your haast.conf file? Are you running the fully open source version of FreePBX or proprietary (FreePBX ‘distro’)? If open source, on what Linux distro and architecture?
This error indicates Asterisk is not being started (properly), and also explains why you aren’t getting an AMI connection error. (Error 0 means HAAst could not establish a connection to the AMI)

2. The follow errors in your event log suggest your PeerLinkServer is listening on the same IP that you are using for the dynamic HAAst created interface:

Fri Aug 10 06:46:56 2018, 00001901, I, Peer Link Server, PeerLinkServer listening on
Fri Aug 10 06:47:10 2018, 00010106, I, NIC, IP address ‘’ added to physical NIC device ‘eth0’ as new virtual NIC device ‘eth0:haast’

Have you obfuscated the IP addresses in your posting? If not you will need to fix your IP addresses (which may also prevent Asterisk from Starting depending on the FreePBX settings).

3. The reason you see snoozing messages relates to the promotesnoozetime and demotesnoozetime keys in the [cluster] stanza of haast.conf. This has nothing to do with your problem – in fact I suggest you leave those settings at default until you understand HAAst a little better. As background, these settings prevent the cluster from flipping back and forth in the event that it takes Asterisk some time to stabilize. (See https://telium.io/topic/manual-failover-leads-to-brief-dual-active-contention/ for more info).

4. HAAst does not interact with firewalld or iptables, so that symptom isn’t directly related to HAAst. However, beware that Songoma calls fail2ban a ‘security system’ – when in fact it’s not. Actually Digium warns companies NOT to use fail2ban as a security system (see https://telium.io/topic/i-use-fail2ban-why-do-i-need-secast/ for more info). I suspect FreePBX is trying to start fail2ban and that is giving you the error messages. If you are anything but a small/SOHO business have a look at the SecAst pages on this site to understand the different between SecAst and fail2ban.

With more info we can provide more suggestions but hopefully that clarifies the meaning of the messages. I suspect all of the above relate to starting FreePBX.

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