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1. I am using the proprietary “FreePBX Distro” version 14. In HAAst I am using option 11. I tried option 8 with the same result, option 2 doesn’t generate any error but obviously I have other kind of problem with my distro choice.
2. I have obfuscated the ip address , I am using two different ip for Management and voip.
3. This is clear now. I didn’t realize that “snooze” was related to the [cluster] stanza.
4.I will look into this as soon as I have HAAst running smoothly.

At this point I am not sure why there is this error

Fri Aug 10 06:47:42 2018, 00000721, E, System Command, Failed to start Asterisk (start) wrapper. Run result 3; exitcode 0

As per the install guide the correct option is 11.