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I should also point out that during the past 10 years three other companies have released HA products for Asterisk. The products didn’t work well, and once their customers realized all of the conditions / use cases which their HA software could not handle (and the resulting outages) they switched to HAAst. All three of those companies are now out of business / disappeared, or their HA products have been discontinued.

You’ll see new HA products pop up on occasion, because you can add ‘HA’ type open source packages in just a matter of hours. But there are no open source packages for application level HA (that’s up to the application developer). Adding HA level code at the application level (or trying to add it to file level HA packages) is a massive undertaking (measured in person-years of development, not hours).

HAAst has been on the market since 2005 and has been growing in capabilities ever since!