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Telium has partnered with various PBX manufacturers and integrators to allow for purchasing Telium products with a predefined set of features/capacity limits at discounted prices. This is known as an OEM edition. The OEM edition is usually preinstalled by an integrator, but may be purchased by reseller/end-users for aftermarket installation as well. (Be aware that the exact features which are made available in OEM editions depend on pre-existing agreements, so you will likely not get every feature you want if you are an end-user or low-volume reseller).

If you are an integrator and wish to setup an OEM edition volume purchase please contact support@telium.io.

If you are an end-user and wish to see if you qualify for a price discounted OEM edition based on the hardware you already have, please contact support@telium.io. We offer over 30 different OEM editions (vendor specific) as of March 2018, and the list keeps growing.