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HAAst uses “activation”, exactly as Microsoft Windows does. If you change your network card in Windows then Windows will operate in non-activated mode. You have to reactivate your Windows installation with Microsoft by phone or online in order to reactivate your license. Like Windows, HAAst detects the change and switches back to the Free Edition. Once you reactivate it returns to the commercial edition.

We face the same problem as Microsoft or any other software vendor: piracy. So unfortunately activation is necessary. But, we are looking at an online licensing system so that you can move your license around (so long as your PBX has an internet connection). Many emergency call centers will not allow a dependence on the internet to permit their systems to operate, so for them we will always offer an activation license file.

Please ensure you only activate HAAst once your hardware platform is finalized (this includes virtualized hardware). Most customers won’t need to reactivate an installation unless something fails (which might happen every few years, and we’re happy to reactive for you). If you need to reactivate every few months then you are doing something wrong!