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Yes HAAst lets you create a high availability fax cluster. HAAst will synchronize fax queues, logs, settings, etc. for Hylafax/Avantfax/iFax so one node can pickup exactly where the other left off. All fully integrated into Asterisk (so your fax extensions, trunks, etc. all move over automatically in case of failover). HAAst will also control other services, synchronizes other files/databases you need, etc.

In addition to detecting an managing failover in case of equipment failure, trunks failure, etc. HAAst can transition the cluster in case of regional power failure. HAAst can create a cluster across different data centers, on different continents! So if you’re worried about the fax service going down due to a power outage in one city, the other cluster node can resume service transparently in a data center in another city!

In the HAAst installation package you will see sample sync settings for various supported products, including Hylafax. After setting up your base Asterisk+Hylafax+HAAst software, just copy the sample hylafax settings file to the /etc/xdg/telium/haast.conf.d directory and that’s it!

(Full installation instructions for setting up HAAst can be found in the /docs directory of the package, and full installation instructions for settings up Hyalfax/iFax/Avantfax are available from the manufacturers).