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Regardless of how you update FreePBX(TM) (command line or GUI), you must follow the procedure listed in the HAAst maintenance guide – or the shortcut above.

By ignoring the instructions you have synced new database contents to old FreePBX code. FreePBX on the standby will be confused and refuse to start. The only solution is to bring the FreePBX code and database back into alignment.

I really hope you heeded our warning to BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM before applying any FreePBX’s updates, enabling modules, etc. The quickest solution is to unplug the standby and restore from the backup. After that resume at step 2 in the link you posted, and apply the same updates/changes you made to your active peer.

We see this problem a couple of times per year when a user doesn’t follow the upgrade instructions. The solution is simple: just restore your system level backup and resume at step 2 in the link you posted above.

Some users have described the FreePBX PHP code as ‘a tangled and fragile mess’. And we have seen FreePBX systems implode because of a (FreePBX) module changing the schema and other modules (or core FreePBX) didn’t like it. You must be very careful with FreePBX changes/updates. (This does not apply to other configuration generators or Asterisk itself).