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It sounds like your document root (set by PHP) is not pointing to the right place – but that’s ok. (We’ll try to recreate your problem on a future release so we can properly detect and override the document root for your distro.) A simple workaround is to create a symlink for settings.php to the correct document; for example:

ln -s /usr/local/secast/web_interface/settings.php /var/www/html/settings.php

The GUI is useful for analysis of historical data, sources of attack, graphs, etc. but is not necessary for the operation of SecAst. Most of the reporting in the GUI is based on the MySQL database feature (which is not included in the free edition).

However, SecAst will still detect and block attackers in the Free Edition. All attack data is kept in an internal database (not MySQL) so it operates with all editions of SecAst.