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To understand what is going wrong you need to understand a bit more about the HAast CC module. The CC module acts like an SBC or proxy, in that all external UA’s (or services/devices) connect to the CC module, and the CC module connects to Asterisk. Each “session” is actually split into two sessions.

In the event of cluster failover the UA sessions move to the other node, while the Asterisk sessions are rebuilt. The CC module rebuilds conferences, queues, calls in progress, etc. on Asterisk and then bridges it back to the matching outside UA session.

With the Unlimited edition the call UniqueID found in asterisk matches what was seen at your gateway. With the OEM edition the call UniqueID found in Asterisk will be different that was is seen at your gateway (the CC module is bridging two separate sessions). In order to for your app to get the UniqueID (or any Asterisk variable) you must use the CC module API and ask it to provide a mapping between the external and internal session variables.

HAast OEM uniqueid session