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Glad you are up and running. If you need SecAst to recreate its iptables rules just restart the SecAst service (it will restore all banned IP since it keeps those in a recovery file). We’ll have to think about how/if SecAst should monitor the iptables. It’s unusual for the iptables rules to be lost (so SecAst shouldn’t have to check that) – but it’s on our discussion list.

In regards to downloading, what error exactly are you experiencing? (Corrupt download, or download won’t start, etc). Downloading by browser is often unreliable for large files, but FTP normally works perfectly. We just tried FTP (pull) and the file downloaded perfectly (no corruption, etc). We also tried downloading with Firefox version 53 (32 bit) and browser download worked fine 2 of 3 times (one time download was corrupt so it would not untar). Similarly downloading by Chrome worked 3 of 4 times. You can see why we offer FTP…browsers aren’t great for this kind of thing. (Since this is a different topic feel free to email support@telium.io if you have more details on file transfer issue)