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Thank you! I had no idea that their HA solution was just placing a proxy in front of each PBX. I called them to confirm and you are right. And this makes no sense. And by the way, i dug a little deeper and it turns out their “cluster” software has no sensors – other than the Asterisk process dying. So no detection of failed routes, failed disks, depletion of file handles, etc…all the ways that Asterisk dies in real life. Even worse, ask them about data synchronization and you are in for more surprises. All they are really selling is a pair of SIP proxies and forcing you into their Asterisk GUI !!!!

I am running one PBX at each data center, and if the Asterisk process stopped bridging calls or the power went out to the DC or the network connection was lost to the DC their solution would NOT keep any calls up. Thanks for your information above. I would never have thought to ask such an obvious question. (It just seemed too stupid to be selling a SIP proxy as an HA solution!!!)