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When the cluster reassembles HAAst will discover 2 peers active (called ‘dual-active contention’). HAAst will then try to pick the peer with the lowest likelihood of long-term success (probability of staying active) and demote it. The determination of which peer is least likely to succeed considers:

  • Which peer caused the previous failover
  • How many failures has each peer had
  • How long has each peer been running
  • What was the last health score of each peer
  • And more…

This works well when the peers are configured as equals (primary/primary), which implies that the cluster would be happy with either peer running. However, when the peers are not configured as equals (primary/backup), the determination of which peer should demote may result in the backup server remaining active. This describes the situation you encountered, and this is normal behavior (by design).

As of version the administrator can override the demotion decision, ignoring the criteria listed above. If the ‘autodemote’ key is set to true in the [backuprole] stanza of either peer, then HAAst will always demote that peer.