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The peerlink error means that the two peers are unable to talk to one another. This is most likely due to Security Group misconfiguration within AWS. As a simple test, try to telnet from one peer to the other peer on port 3002; for example:

telnet 3002

This command will likely fail/timeout, which confirms the Security Group misconfiguration. To resolve this, and assuming both peers are in the same Security Group, and iptables/firewalld is disabled, set that Security Group to allow “itself” traffic on all ports (in AWS). After doing so the peers should quickly find each other and the Peerlink indicators in the GUI will turn green.

If you decide you want the highest level of security possible, only enable destination port 3002 TCP access between the peers (plus ports needed for file/directory/database sync as optionally defined in your haast.conf). But if the peers are in the same Security Group you should be fine allowing all traffic.