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You are experiencing a network/routing issue somewhere on your network. It could be an ARP table is corrupt somewhere, or a device is simply not routing packets out the interface it should. This type of problem is common with multihoming (this is not a HAAst issue, it’s a network issue).

A complete solution is beyond the scope of this document. In fact, understanding and diagnosing ARP cache and routing problems is complex – don’t expect a simple answer. If you want to ensure that your Asterisk server is sending packets out the right interface on a multihomed system, you can set an iproute policy as follows:

1. edit the /etc/iproute2/rt_tables file and add the following line:

200 haastrt

2. add the following two lines to your asterisk.start.pre file (assuming the device you are dynamically creating is called eth0.haast):

ip rule add dev eth0.haast table haastrt
ip route add default dev eth0.haast table haastrt

3. Reboot your system and retry the ping test mentioned above.

If the problem remains then the most likely cause if your router.