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Linux is complaining that something is missing. The most likely cause is that you are missing a prerequisite package. HAAst then tries to access a missing operating system library which crashes the program.

If you enabled the HAAst performance database option (writing to MySQL), but you skipped the installation steps involving MySQL drivers then you might see this error. The solution is to repeat/complete the steps in the Detailed Installation Guide relating to MySQL (sections 3.2 and 3.3)

If that’s not it, then recheck each prerequisite package as you likely missed one.

Telium’s engineering group is always interested to gather segfault information – so if you can provide direct SSH access we will take a look. (There is no cost to you, we just want to gather details). A segfault is rare and usually do to Linux prerequisites missing or misconfigured, but this is a top priority for our engineering team.