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You have described two very different needs in your question, so I’ll try to answer them separately. If you choose Hardware Fingerprint activation on AWS, then your license is tied to your instance ID and MAC address. So you can safely move the instance between hosts (i.e. hypervisors, not guest VM’s), change instance size, etc. The license will remain activated (tied to that instance). You can safely start/stop the instance, just don’t ever delete it or delete the NIC as that will invalidate your license.

If you plan to have multiple AWS instances ready to start but will only use one at a time, then you should choose Cloud activation. Cloud activation is not tied to any (virtual/physical) hardware so whichever instance is running is the one that will use the license. However, do not start more than one instance at a time (i.e. don’t try to use a single license on multiple instances simultaneously) or that will invalidate your license.

I should point out that we use a third party license product, and they have no obligation to issue a new license once an existing one has been invalidated. In other words, if you invalidate your license you will most likely have to buy an entirely new license (full price). So plan your deployment carefully to avoid wasting a license. We have no ability to “un-invalidate” a license – we are at the mercy of the license vendor, and we understand their need to prevent license fraud as that’s the only way they can stay in business.