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HAAst is written entirely in C/C++, so it is highly efficient with a minimal footprint. Since HAAst runs on the same hardware platform as Asterisk, we cannot describe HAAst’s minimum requirements in absolute terms (since HAAst alone on a server makes no sense).

However, if you have a properly sized server (for the target Asterisk volume), HAAst will consume:

  • Maximum 2% of available CPU
  • 400MB of memory (in use, not swapped)
  • 50MB of disk storage

In case you meant from a hardware compatibility standpoint, HAAst can run with many different CPU’s and system boards/chipsets. Since HAAst communicates with the system board to determine health, check with our support team if you are using a non X86/X86_64 standard PC motherboard. As well, releases for non-X86/X86_64 CPU’s are targeted at specific processors for optimization/power management reasons, so please check with our support team for the specific CPU you are targeting.

For more information see FAQ 1070