High Availability Switch Module

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High Availability Switch Module™ (HAsm™) is a turnkey solution which combines prebuilt components, custom developed code, and consulting services to guide the project.  The exact pricing depends on:

  • Specific components selected by Telium
  • Degree of customization required
  • Custom functionality to be added
  • License fees for any incorporated products
  • Professional service effort to guide the project from concept to deployment
  • Volume of licenses purchased

Telium Professional Services would be pleased to work with you to design a solution which meets your specifications and your budget.  Please note that HAsm is not available as a trial product or download, since each HAsm deployment is unique to the customer who specified it.

HAsm is suitable to OEM’s and large system integrators developing unique and high-value solutions.  For low-budget projects or customers looking primarily to experiment with HA VoIP switching we recommend Telium’s HAfs and HAast products.