High Availability for FreeSWITCH

See the web and command line interfaces





Single page summary of the cluster status


Single page summary of the program version and license information

Data | Peer List

List of peers and clusters available for reporting

Data | Health State

List of health state scores over time

Data | HAfs State

List of node states over time

Data | Event Log

List of events over time

Graphs | Peer Sensor History

Graph of individual sensor values over time

Graphs | Peer Health Live

Graph of node health scores broken down by individual sensors

Graphs | Peer Health History

Graph of aggregate health scores for a node over time

Graphs | Current State History

Graph of the state of each node over time

Graphs | Cluster Health History

Graph of the health score of both cluster nodes over time

Data | Sensor Data

List of sensor readings over time for a single node

CLI | Sensor Status

Command line request for detailed status of an individual sensor

CLI | Cluster Status

Command line request for detailed status of the cluster