High Availability for Asterisk

Create an Issabel based telephony environment without interruption




Designed For Issabel

HAast is designed for Issabel compatibility from the ground up.  From detection of failures unique to Issabel (on top of standard Asterisk and environmental health monitoring), synchronization of Issabel content and configuration, to control of Issabel parameters and settings.  HAast works with all editions of Issabel including stand alone, multitenant, and even appliances.

Deep Issabel Integration

HAast can monitor and control numerous aspects of Issabel.  HAast can even integrate with the front LCD panel on Issabel appliances, providing node health monitoring, synchronization monitoring, and node control (including manual fail-over).

Hardware And Appliance Compatibility

HAAst is compatible with a wide range of computer architectures and physical/virtual platforms.  HAAst can even run on the Issabel appliance.  HAAst never creates a single point of failure in front of the cluster/nodes, and does not share any hardware/software/resources between nodes.