Generation D

Create a custom in-vehicle IoT solution




Mitigate Product Risk By Using A Proven Platform

Telium’s Generation D is a proven and stable platform for creating your next in-vehicle IoT product.  Benefit from extensive compatibility testing built into the Generation D platform, leveraging many years of reliable service across a range of commercial and consumer vehicles.  Allow your team to focus on creating a stable application without worrying about bugs in the software/firmware/hardware stack.

Reduce Product Development Costs

The Generation D platform is tailored to your needs, including only the hardware you need.  Telium starts with a reference design already complete, so you only pay for changes that you need for your project.  No need to start from scratch, and no need to use a platform with components your customers don’t want or need, or which draw extra power.  The Generation D platform balances low-power requirements with processing capacity.

Accelerate Time To Market

Telium offers a robust C/C++ library which allows you to use high level functions/objects to interact with the environment.  From CAN bus access to GPS location to Bluetooth pairing, just a few lines of code make the product come alive.

Minimize Installation Costs

The Generation D platform is designed to be physically small and can easily be installed in the center console, behind the instrument panel, in the engine compartment, or under the rear deck.  The Generation D platform is compatible with all currently deployed CAN bus variations, so installation is plug-and-play.