Partner Program

Internet Telephony Service Provider





Telium’s ITSP partner program offers Internet Telephony Service Providers, cloud PBX hosting companies, and large deployment operators access to the industry’s leading telephony solutions at deeply discounted prices.  Telium’s High Availability for Asterisk solution (HAAst), Asterisk farm synchronization (PBXSync), Security for Asterisk (SecAst), and Security Data (SecData) are all available through this program.  Partners can rapidly deploy these Telium products with system images and no hassle licensing.



  • Centralized license deployment

  • Centralized configuration data, and per-host configuration data

  • Priority support

  • Assistance integrating with local firewall/security systems

  • Ability to customize product features/services

  • Monthly subscription instead of purchase


  • Savings based on purchase volumes

  • Reduced infrastructure maintenance costs

  • Protect revenue through reduced infrastructure down time

  • No charge assistance to integrate with local firewall/security systems

  • No charge for (limited) customization

  • Avoid up-front software capital costs


  • Confirmed identity as ITSP or large-scale deployment organization

  • Minimum order quantity of 100 Commercial Unlimited or equivalent licenses

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To join the ITSP partner program please contact Telium by e-mail or using the contact menu item above.